Global EEE is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of a worldwide network of individuals with backgrounds in numerous industries. For over thirty years key members of Global EEE have helped organize student competitions around the world that promote Education, Energy efficiency, and Environmental consciousness. We are passionate about what we do! Every member of our team has
in-depth experience and extensive involvement with student competitions either as a past participant or official/organizer.  

We are the
organization behind the organization.  Our involvement with each event varies and depends on the complexity of the
competition, the experience level of the organizers, and the needs of the participating teams.

We are
selective about the events we partake in.   The competitions must promote education, energy efficiency, and environmental
consciousness, and generally are not-for-profit.   The following are the concepts emphasized in planning the events:

Educational excellence in science, engineering and mathematics

Creative integration of technical and scientific expertise across a wide-range of disciplines

Hands-on experience to develop and demonstrate technical and creative abilities

Understanding of marketing, business and management skills needed to execute large and complex projects

Renewable energy technologies (specifically electric drive based projects and photovoltaics)

Environmental consciousness

Safety in all aspects of the development, testing and racing

Sportsmanship, friendship and co-operation

If you represent a government entity or corporation and have interest in promoting these ideals through a major, high visibility competition, please fill out the Contact Us section and we will be pleased to meet with you and provide a proposal.  
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